2.5 Mercury Modified Pistons

The MODIFIED WIZARD PISTON is our lightweight piston, cut and modified version of our stock piston.

Wizard-8343 Wizard-8345

  • This modified forged piston is lighter than other pistons creating less thermal expansion in the cylinder. The cuts are designed not only for weight, but to improve intake atomized fuel flow through the intake ports. These lightened pistons weigh approximately 440-450 grams. 
  • Second, the piston is cut with twin ring grooves and an oil accumulator groove for added lubrication and the wrist pin is offset for clockwise engine rotation.
  • Our top pinned piston design has proven successful for high RPM applications in the motorcycle and snowmobile racing industry for many years.
  • These factory finished and lightened pistons have a thermal barrier non-stick coating by RaceKote. 
  • Titanium nitride coated rings are standard in all of our two ring pistons. Chrome rings for standard and .030 over bore cylinders are also available upon request.
  • (Single ring pistons are available as well. Visit separate product page.)

Racer Pricing $1795 (Kit)  —  Kit Pricing includes 6 pistons, 6 standard weight wrist pins, 12 wrist pin clips, and 12 rings.