With 30 years of modified outboard racing experience, Wizard Performance Products has developed the ultimate piston for the high performance Mercury 2.5L engine. These pistons are manufactured to fit the Mercury top guided rod applications. (rod part # 644-818141)

  • Wait until you experience the performance of the new ACCUMULATOR GROOVE!
  • This forged piston is lighter than other pistons causing less thermal expansion. The piston above is cut with twin ring grooves, and weighs approximately 440 grams. Single ring pistons are available as well.
  • These factory finished and lightened pistons have a thermal barrier non-stick coating by RaceKote.
  • Titanium nitride rings are standard in all of our two ring pistons. Chrome rings are still available upon request. 2.4 piston rings are priced separately from the piston kits due to the different types of cylinder bore finishes. (Chrome, Nickelsil, and Steel or Cast Iron sleeves).
  • Top pinned design has proven successful for high RPM applications in the motorcycle and snowmobile racing industry for many years.

The MODIFIED Wizard piston is the lightweight piston, cut and modified version to seek out the most performance possible, and are available through our distributors. You can visit the distributor page to find the closest to you.

STOCK Wizard pistons are now available through Pro Marine Parts. They are OEM weight and cut, and available in standard or short wrist pin lengths from Pro Marine Parts or one of their dealers. (Pro Marine Parts 800-621-7761)